Debut author Kimberly Severn offers recollections of her pregnancy, the birth of a son, and her later adoption of a daughter. Severn does write with visceral honesty... the unfolding drama is disturbing and poignant, by turns. A touching personal journey... engaging and informative. —Kirkus Reviews

I recommend anyone interested in adoption to read this book. Kim does an amazing job of talking about her journey from start to finish. If you are a mother who has experienced "not being able to birth a baby" I also recommend this to you, to see how Kim was able to overcome that in a positive way. —Alina, NetGalley Reviewer

The Making of a Mom - Meeting Our Baby

In this final audio excerpt, Kimberly shares her experience of meeting her newborn daughter for the first time.

The Making of a Mom - Time for a Little Dreaming

In this third of four audio excerpts Kimberly, with the adoption application process complete, begins thinking about the birth mother who would choose her family and the baby who would become her child. 

The Making of a Mom - Career Woman & Mom

In this second of four audio excerpts from her memoir, The Making of a Mom, Kimberly shares how how she learned to appreciate the unexpected moments of motherhood and navigate life as a mom and career woman.

Making of a Mom - The Journey Begins

 In this first of four audio excerpts from her memoir, The Making of a Mom, Kimberly shares how her journey to motherhood began.


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The making of a mom


About the Book

     What defines motherhood? Is it the ability to get pregnant and give birth to a child? The feeling of pure, selfless joy that bubbles up as your child discovers his or her world? Or could it be the fierce instinct to create a family—and the courage to keep that family safe at all costs? 

     Kimberly Severn felt a strong instinct to be a mother. Even amidst the wonder of her first pregnancy, she struggled with intimidating complications that took a toll on her body. As a successful business woman, she was used to being in control, but soon learned that motherhood is also defined by the truth that there is very little you can actually control when it comes to creating a family. 

     When Kimberly and her husband decided to adopt their second child, they navigated the adoption process, willing themselves to maintain hope and enthusiasm through a whirlwind of disappointments and surprises. Kimberly tried tirelessly to balance empathy and compassion for their daughter’s forceful birth parents with the safety and health of her family. Her instinct as a mother would take her from the delivery room to the courtroom, constantly looking inward to discover what it really took to be the mom she dreamed of being.

     The Making of a Mom is a memoir of what it means to be a mother. It is also a story of inner struggle and discovery, as debut author Kimberly Severn explores the joys, pains, and the depth of understanding she gained as she wondered at every twist and turn, “Am I mom enough?”

About the Author

This is Kimberly Severn's debut as an author. The Making of a Mom is the culmination of 5 years of writing, while balancing life as wife, mother, and successful businesswoman.

Kimberly enjoys an active lifestyle staying fit, working in the garden, and reading ... always reading! You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @Kimberly_Severn. 

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 The Making of a Mom is available in paperback and Kindle editions.