White lady, black sons


About the Book

It was 1969 and when eighteen-year-old Lisa discovered she was pregnant, she knew she was in trouble. She was white. The father was black. Civil rights had not yet reached the hearts and souls of Middle America, especially not as far as Lisa’s family was concerned. She made the heartbreaking decision to relinquish her bi-racial child for adoption. How she survives and ultimately reunites with her son is told in this book.

White Lady, Black Sons: a memoir of adoption, abuse and awakening is debut author Lisa Richesson’s riveting memoir of loss, sorrow and survival while she never gave up hope of being reunited with the son she’d given up. Her story will bring both tears and laughter as she learns to believe in the human spirit and the will to love.

About the Author

Reading saved my life and writing saved my soul. As an unhappy only child, I discovered that books and libraries provided a rich escape. Later, at an all-girls Catholic high school, the nuns handed out a list of banned books and I used it as a bibliography. I discovered Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence, Sartre, Camus, Herman Hesse, Allen Ginsberg and - most importantly - Jack Kerouac. Reading On The Road was a revelation. When I fell in love for the first time, I began to write poems, essays, short stories and found my inner peace.  

It took me many years to finally write a book and I'm proud of the result - White Lady, Black Sons: a memoir of adoption, abuse and awakening.  

While I don't believe you can own too many books, I do worry that our little house in Seattle may break in two from the weight of the books I own. I've taught my two sons and three grandchildren to appreciate books and hope that one day they too will find that books can save lives and writing saves souls.

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White Lady, Black Sons is available in paperback and Kindle editions.